Board of Directors

The main role of the Board of Directors is to define the strategic direction for Investorama and oversee its implementation while representing the views of the company’s shareholders.


Mr. Mohamed Ibno-Bachir


Mrs. Maryem El Ouazzani

Mrs. Nariman Ibno-Bachir

Mrs. Wiam Ibno-Bachir

Mrs. Yousra Ibno-Bachir

Mr. Mouad Ibno-Bachir

Mr. Mehdi Ibno-Bachir

Executive Management

Under the leadership of the CEO, the executive management team leads Investorama’s daily business operations, working closely with the leadership team of each of its subsidiaries to define their business strategy and objectives, while providing operational support when needed.

Mr. Mohamed Ibno-Bachir

Chairman and CEO

Mr. Mehdi Ibno-Bachir

Deputy CEO

Mr. Imad Idrissi

Chief Financial Officer