Our Values

We aim to eliminate all financial waste and inefficiency in our operations, even during prosperous times. Not only does this enable us to accelerate the growth of our company, but it also allows us to avoid taking drastic measures in times of crisis.
Our employees, at all levels, operate with an entrepreneurial mindset in their daily work. They are given ownership and responsibility to take initiative and pursue innovative ideas that create value for our customers.
We are firm believers in simple business structures and minimal hierarchy, which allows us to make decisions quickly and remain nimble in the face of fast-changing market dynamics. We aim to always operate with the spirit of a small business, connecting directly and meaningfully with our customers.
We believe that the best thinking emerges when our employees collaborate closely, across teams, departments, and subsidiaries, to share insights and challenge each other’s thinking. Our commitment to collaboration also informs our long history of cultivating strong, successful relationships with strategic partners in every sector we invest in.
We strive for excellence in every endeavor we undertake. We are always working to improve our productivity and the quality that we offer our customers. We are committed to continuous learning and exploration to ensure our adherence to the best practices and standards.

Our Principles


  • We are strong believers in integrity as the foundation for creating trust and successful relationships with our employees and partners.


  • We believe in a culture of radical transparency, where our employees are strongly encouraged to honestly express and defend their views, actions, and decisions.